“No matter the question, love is the answer”

My mom always used to say, “no matter the question, love is the answer.”

Could it truly be that my mom was right? That no matter the question, love really is the answer?

My mom’s influence, even though she passed away decades ago, is stronger now.

I know a lot about sales. A lot. I have been featured on Forbes, TV, various business blogs, and podcasts. I know how to train salespeople and I will continue to share my knowledge on that subject. But I also know a lot about how little choices make all the difference, and I’m starting to see how love really is the answer to everything. Perhaps only sharing sales knowledge is like conforming to someone else’s expectations and not living up to my true self. I need to share more. I am going to share important things, and love no matter what.

Thank you Mom.



Bold approach

EksAyn has a bold approach that makes him a forceful and dynamic speaker. EksAyn delivers interactive, energetic, and inspiring presentations that entertain while delivering impactful, real-world applications and powerful, life-changing messages. 



Innovative and proven how-to’s

EksAyn’s sales and negotiation strategies come with innovative and proven how-to’s and real-world applications about how to close sales, get past gatekeepers, negotiate like a pro and use the principles of psychology to explode your sales and negotiation results. He can teach you and your team how to truly connect with clients and make your sales interactions have greater impact. With decades of sales experience–ranging from door-to-door and real estate to government entities and large corporations–EksAyn has fielded many issues that you are facing and can help you bridge the gap between your revenue vision and reality. He specializes in closing the sale and in getting in front of the decision maker.




The Key to the Gate

Recently featured on Forbes, his new book, The Key to the Gate: Principles and Techniques to Get Past Gatekeepers to the Decision Maker, has sold internationally.



Eks’ principles and techniques have received attention around the world.

Eks on KSL-TV

Eks in Forbes

Eks in the Daily Herald

Eks on Rain Today podcast

Eks on Careerealism

” Absolutely wonderful class. EksAyn generated great class excitement and participation which made the class very enjoyable, the exercises were excellent learning tools for the Realtors to apply to their profession. The feedback from the Washington Board of Realtor members who attended was outstanding. EksAyn is ‘Awesome’ was a comment that
was shared by many.”


“The Psychology of Sales & Negotiation class taught by EksAyn Anderson was a surprise. I’ve been through many sales trainings, and I was not expecting to hear anything new. However this class was real. EksAyn discussed real actions and techniques that were not just fluffy ideas, they were down to earth, real things that I could see myself using in my daily negotiations. It was refreshing to have an instructor with so much to teach me, but feel like he was just a friend sharing some tips. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to be a better salesman and negotiator.”


“During his hour long presentation, EksAyn delivered some of the most insightful, thought provoking principles to B2B sales success that I’d ever heard…”