What is the connection between a dictionary and several million dollars? And what does that connection have in common with trees, one hundred pennies, and a sincere compliment?

The answer may surprise you, and you will be blown away by real life examples of how little decisions make a huge difference.

Discover how changing your everyday decisions–little decisions–can have a massive effect. This concept touches all facets of life: personal success, self-mastery, overcoming challenges, business success, sales, negotiation, and relationships.

Let me tell you of a little thing that my mom did that made a huge difference.  She used to say:

No Matter the Question, Love is the Answer


I had a wonderful mom. She was calm, intelligent and a great listener. She had big, dark brown eyes that seemed to sparkle with love and tenderness even when she wasn’t saying anything. When she spoke, her warm voice and body language accentuated the feeling of love she radiated to me and to others. I remember a phrase she used to say again and again:

 “No Matter the Question, Love is the Answer.”

My mom didn’t just repeat the saying, she embodied it. Among other things, she encouraged me to draw – something I did tirelessly.
When I was very young, I used to love to draw trees. Not just “sort of” draw trees– I used to draw every branch, every leaf and detail, with dozens of leaves. I drew them the way I saw them. It would take a long time to draw and they were detailed and beautiful.

Later on, I saw how the other children drew trees: a simple trunk drawn with two lines and a poofy cloud to represent the leaves–something that could be drawn in a few seconds.

Somehow, after seeing the other children draw trees, I decided that the detailed trees I drew weren’t good enough. I stopped drawing the detailed trees that I used to and started to draw trees like the other children.

I found out later that when my mother saw this, she cried.

Fast forward a few years to when I was almost nine years old. After attending one of my baseball games, my mother complained of a severe headache. Concerned, my father took her to the hospital. Before they left, I remember telling my mother “I love you” and holding her tight in my eight year old arms before she left.

I asked a relative if my mom was going to die. They reassured me that she was not going to die.

I wanted to believe them.

I stayed up late in hopes that my parents would return soon and let me know that all was well. Hour after hour passed and they had not returned. I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning I arose and left my bedroom, anxious to see my parents. As I walked into the family room next to my bedroom, I could see my father, who was surrounded by what seemed like half the neighborhood.

I walked to the other side of the room wanting to see my mother, but she was not there. I saw my father, tears streaming down his face. As his voice choked, he explained how it was likely that my mother was “going to leave us.”

My mother had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage, was unconscious, and was being supported by a life support machine. I remember praying, pleading with God that He would spare my mother’s life.

Later, we went and visited the hospital. My mother was what doctors sometimes refer to as brain-dead. She could only breathe with the help of machine that made her chest inflate and deflate in what seemed to me a very unnatural way, and I could not hear her warm voice or see the sparkle in her deep, brown eyes.

A short time later, I watched as they unplugged my mother from life support. Her body kind of crinkled up and turned blue as the life left her body. I was afraid to give my mother a kiss because she did not look like my mom.

How do you think I draw trees now?

You probably guessed it- I draw them the way I see them – and the way my loving mother would want me to draw them.

Why did my mom die? I have asked this question many times. Could it truly be that my mom was right? That no matter the question, love really is the answer?

My mom’s influence, even though she passed away decades ago, is stronger now.

One day recently, I was driving and I knew that I needed to start speaking. I didn’t know how to go forward with it and so I asked around. An experienced speaker told me to speak on sales – which made sense as I have a lot of sales experience.

I truly do know a lot about sales. A lot. I have been featured on Forbes, TV, various business blogs, and podcasts. I know how to train salespeople and I will continue to share my knowledge on that subject.

I also know a lot about how little, everyday choices make all the difference. I know how little things, like just knowing that my mom wanted me to draw trees the way I saw them, is making a massive difference in my life right now. Though I appreciate the experienced speaker’s suggestion that I share my knowledge about sales, I realize that only sharing sales knowledge is like only drawing trees the way the other children did. Because of my mom’s influence, I am not only going to speak about sales. I am going to speak, share, and draw trees, the way I see them.

I’m starting to see how love really is the answer to everything.

Thank you mom.

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