Sales is the Art of Influence.

Influence may lie where you least expect. Let Eks help you discover it!

Here are just a few examples of why you should have Eks train you and your team:

  • He created an expansive and innovative sales approach that resulted in millions of dollars in sales.
  • EksAyn is a skilled negotiator experienced with complex sales including to governments, government-funded entities, as well as other large businesses and organizations.
  • He was invited to present at the Sales Acceleration Summit 2015. Others invited to present included renowned business experts such as Grant Cardone and Steve Young.
  • EksAyn was also invited to present at a regional conference and other chapter meetings in multiple states for the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP).
  • EksAyn has been seen on, Speaker Magazine, TV, and various business blogs and podcasts.
  • His new book, The Key to the Gate: Principles and Techniques to Get Past Gatekeepers to the Decision Maker, has sold internationally.
Here are what some have said about EksAyn’s sales training:

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“EksAyn Anderson is one of the most compelling speakers and authors of all time. He knows how to capture his audience’s attention and pull them into real-life scenarios that enable users to learn and utilize his training. He recently presented at the Nashville Chapter of Inside Sales Professionals and the group was fascinated by the info covered. The majority of the membership agreed his approach was by far the best they had seen. He kept the participants engaged and energized. Everyone left the meeting excited, interested, and wanting more. Most members purchased his book to gain even more knowledge.


“Absolutely wonderful class. EksAyn generated great class excitement and participation which made the class very enjoyable, the exercises were excellent learning tools for the Realtors to apply to their profession. The feedback from the Washington Board of Realtor members who attended was outstanding. EksAyn is ‘Awesome’ was a comment that was shared by many.”


“The Psychology of Sales & Negotiation class taught by EksAyn Anderson was a surprise. I’ve been through many sales trainings, and I was not expecting to hear anything new. However, this class was real. EksAyn discussed real actions and techniques that were not just fluffy ideas, they were down to earth, real things that I could see myself using in my daily negotiations. It was refreshing to have an instructor with so much to teach me, but feel like he was just a friend sharing some tips. I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to be a better salesman and negotiator.”


“During his hour long presentation, EksAyn delivered some of the most insightful, thought provoking principles to B2B sales success that I’d ever heard…”



Get Past Gatekeepers to the Decision Makers